Golf Iron Headcovers PU Leather 10pcs/set 4~9, P,A,S,X

  • Synthetic leather
  • COLORFUL GOTHIC NUMBER DESIGN:colorful no. embroidery
  • ELASTIC CLOSURE:elastic built inside to firm fit
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:thick&soft synthetic leather well-made,water-proof,stain-resistant;soft inner velvet lining,easy on&off
  • IRON CLUB MODEL:1 size fits all:can be use to small size,oversized,standard size golf irons.
  • SOCK STYLE: with logner neck design,it can protect your club heads as well as the shaft.
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Product Name:   Golf Iron Cover

Material:              Synthetic Leather

Color:                    Black

Craft:                     Embroidery

Size:                       6.7×6.7×3.1 inch

Weight:                 0.8lb

Closure:                Rubber String

Usage:                  Protect Golf Club Head

Number:             4~9, P, A, S, X


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